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Blue SKY IS now a full APPI center
appi formation
offering all formation solo to professional pilot

Blue Sky Paragliding Ltd. was born in 2001
The friendship of Narayang Parajulie, one of the first Nepaly pilot, and David Arrufat, a swiss pilot famous for its accro level (discovers the Rhythmic SAT in 2002) brought up the will to offer paragliding tandem and courses in Nepal.
Blue Sky Paragliding is now a well established company. The staff is composed almost by a team of around 7 to 10 pilots.
The aim of Blue Sky Paragliding is off course to fly but also strongly wish to develop paragliding in Nepal and give maximun of job and education.
We have discovered most of the paragliding sites of Nepal and are fighting to bring up a air sports in Nepal we affiliate with APPI international standard .


instructor paragliding appi
Blue Sky Paragliding owner

Specialised in SIV and accro courses

and expedition


APPI Master SIV / acro / XC
OFAC swiss instructor (licence N35504 French , ).
e does accro competitions since 2001.
- 5th at the Redbull vertigo 2002
- 4th at the RedBull vertigo 2003
- 2nd in syncro competition OMEGNA  2003, with Hervé Cerutti
- 6th in Mondial rath in 2004

Actually develloping paragliding in Nepal as much as I can

David invented the "rhythmic SAT" in 2001, which is now a required component of accro competition. He was the first pilot to excute 6 consecutives tumblings, during the RedBull Vertigo in 2001.

In 2002 I discovered a much more dynamic and cleaner variation of the "Mac Twist", which we now call the "Misty Flip". But it was Swiss pilot David Arufat who amazed everyone at Vertigo that year when, during his sequence, he hit the brakes earlier than normal whilst entering a SAT and discovered the "Rhythmic SAT", which instantly became the top manoeuvre and the one everyone wanted to master.         Raoul Rodriguez

Specialiste: SIV accrobatique course, exploration news flying road in Nepal
Project : Trans- Hymalaya, accro competition nepal,nature conservation and do more Baby.


Blue Sky Paragliding owner

APPI pilot

Narayang Parajulie built up Blue Sky Paragliding Nepal in partnership with David Arrufat.
He made an incredible job to establish one of the first paragliding companies in Nepal.
He is a pilar of the structure and looks after any administration problems, accounts, organises the staff, etc.
You will see him rarely as he is often very busy with the "funny" Nepaly administration! But if you get a chance to tchat with him don't waste it!

One of the first paragliding pilots to fly in Nepal and 2nd at the first international competition in Nepal.

Specialiste: Admistration, public relation, advertisement. Good time
Project : Sociale and education in nepal, Botanic garden .

Lapka and Babu after the flight over Everest  

Sanu Babu Sanuwar

Fly over the Everest on 21 Mai 2011

make him the more hight paragliding pilot

The new Nepaly generation.
A lot of strong will here to bring things forward and develop paragliding in Nepal!
He is a tandem pilot since 2007, made his bones in Nepal,
Fly over the top of the world

His job: Tandem pilot, Beginner course


Damodar Parajulie is part of the new Nepaly generation.
A lot of strong will here to bring things forward and develop paragliding in Nepal!
He is a tandem pilot since 2002, made his bones in Nepal, then Switzerland and France.
He took part in the creation of the company at the beginning and he's still envolved in the organisation.

His job: Tandem pilot, Beginner course



His job: Tandem pilot, Beginner course


Tandem pilot nepal




Shankar Parajulie
APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot

His job: Tandem pilot, lady killer

Tandem paraglidng pilot Nepal  

Ram Raj the
APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot

His job: Tandem pilot , after hrs party

tandem paragliding nepal  

APPI Tandem Pilot

His job: Tandem pilot ,

paragliding tandem pilot nepal  

Bodi Parajulie
APPI Tandem Pilot

His job: Tandem pilot ,

take off sarankot


APPI Pilot



appi tandem pilot
instructor appi paragliding
Patrick Toubet
APPI MASTER Instructor Specialty XC
Zabdy Queen paragliding

Zabdi Keen
APPI MASTER Instructor Specialty XC

Zabdi Keen, a cool scotish woman that has been flying for more than 20 years! She has a BHPA licence.

She has a school in Scotland, "Flying Fever" on the Arran island for over than 10 years.  It runs courses and expeditions around the world from Hong Kong to Outer Mongolia.

Her job at Blue Sky: Beginner, progression and cross country courses; expeditions

Instructor D bag acro
Blue Sky Paragliding


APPI MASTER Instructor Specialty SIV /Acro /D-Bag


appi instructor


APPI MASTER Instructor

APPI instructor


APPI Instructor

Acro instructor appi

Herve and Celine

Hervé Cerutti is certified by the "Federation Suisse de Vol Libre" (licence N34546 FSVL) and is also another crazy accro guy! He does accro competitions since 2001 and is partner with David Aruffat for syncro accro competitions.
- 5th at the Redbull vertigo 2002
- 2nd in syncro competition OMEGNA  2003, with David Arrufat
First Acro pilot Swiss

Hervé is a tandem pilot enjoying a lot accro tandems and cross country tandems. His wild mind pushes him to organise expeditions. There is a good chance to have him as an instructor and guide if you go for an expedtion. You'll enjoy his singing and guittar playing by the fire :-)

His job: Tandem pilot, expeditions, SIV and cross country courses

driver nepal


  blue sky paragliding
Some other pilots working with Blue Sky Paragliding         Blue Sky Paragliding, company n°54889        Copyright 2002 - 2012