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Paragliding in Nepal


Nepal Paragliding Flying Sites

Nepal and the great Himalayan range have many secrets to offer. 

These past years we have discovered most of the new flying sites of Nepal.

But we are still eager to explore more and more... Each year we explore some incredible new flying sites, come with us and enjoy a full supported organisation (guide, transport, accommodation, etc.).
If you are ready to go on your own, please feel free to use the information we have gathered and do not hesitate to come to see us in Pokhara for more.
In 2015 the rules and regulations of Nepal do not allow to fly in any place or to fly cross country
only the paragliding in Pokara and Katmandou is in the political process , just for your information !!!!!!! .
But sky is ours

In 2010 We fly West to East Nepal, in one month expedition. Babu Sunuwar make it all the way
Then Babu fly from and over the Everest .


In 2015 Pokhara , Bandipur and Sirkot become the main flying sites of Nepal
under Authorisation
We found every year a new flying area , I am also waiting for some new roads on the way to enjoy access to new places
I compile all the info in the book Paragliding Nepal Soon for you

Look at expedition Look at 14 day tour Look at Helicopter drop



             West region
   - Surket
   - Dailekh


             Pokhara area
   - Sarangkot
   - Diki-Danga
   - Begnas Tal
   - Muktinat
   - Korchon
   - Nuawkot
   - Galem
   - Tansen
   - Bandipur
   - Andi Khola - Sirkot
   - Sirubari
   - Dechuli
   - Karkineta
   - Chitwan
           Kathmandu area
   - Mt Monastery
   - Shiva Puri
   - Shivapuri New
   - Shreebran
   - Dulikel

              East region



Nepal map
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