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Cross country Course

Whether you are a beginner eager to learn the
basics, or an experienced pilot seeking to
perfect cross-country flight. 

Nepal is the place for perfect progression.

Radio Guidance, cross country, theoritical trainning

Course include in expedition.
Radio guidance for long cross country.
Mix the adventure, teaching and

The courses can take place at any time during
the flying season (from end october to may).

Please make your booking by email or come to
one of our offices in Pokhara or Bandipur

sirkot blue sky paragliding

Exemple of course

The first day is spent flying at Sarankot,  an assessment is made of your level.  An individual training plan is formulated to take you forward to the next level. 
Improve the takeoff, flying and landing technique - we analysis the footage in the evening and work to eradicate any bad habits that could compromise your safety.  
Cross country tandem flights with an instructor can be used to introduce you to new concepts.  You have the controls and your instructor can check on a close contact level that you are flying in the most efficient and safe style.
We fly at Sarankot and make a transition over the back and conditions allowing do a circuit to the Green wall - returning to Pokhara or landing out and getting a bus back.
Then We go to our flying resort, in Sirkot.
 In the first afternoon we fly to get used to the area.  We spend the night on the mountain. The next day we fly cross country back to Pokhara passing by killung following the main road and flying from ridge to ridge, crossing at the back of the lake to land back at Lakeside. If you land out along the way the jeep will pick you up.         Blue Sky Paragliding, company n°54889        Copyright 2002 - 2012